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Medi Wings

Product Details

Do you care about your clients level of comfort?

Do you ever wonder why the customers fidget there arms during treatments?

Are you thinking of a wider table?

Medi Wings is the answer for you!

Medi Wings by APinna is a uniquely, ergonomically designed arm support that allows for comfort and space during a treatment by using counterbalance. It comes as a set of two thin portable, slightly tapered oblong pads, designed to support people of all sizes and body shapes.

Unlike the existing massage table accessories on the market Medi Wings does not need to be attached to anything, you wedge the Medi Wings under the natural curved hollow of the back (Kidney Area) et viola; instant relaxation! the client is able to stretch out their arms comfortably and with ease.

Medi Wings is made of portable, lightweight, pharmaceutically approved material that is easy to use, clean and store. its unique shape is designed for easy application and comfort. Utilizing innovative principles Medi Wings stands out easily in the massage table accessories market.

Read some of my clients Testimonials

"I had another fabulous session with Pina yesterday. The arm paddles really are a fantastic creation they allow you to relax your whole body to get the maximum benefit from your session as your arms are in such a comfortable position throughout regardless of what movements your body may be making. It's always the simplest ideas are the best ideas." (Female client of Pina)

"They enhanced the session it felt natural to leave my arms resting on the pads compared to arms being crossed or by my side. Lying in a position without having to keep moving my limbs increased my experience as I was able to focus more on my being. There was a feeling of openness with my arms in this position, it also made work on the hands and arms more accessible to Pina." (Male client of Pina)

"I was first introduced to the Medi Wings when I got a treatment from Pina, I thought how smart this lady was as I felt very comfortable by being able to let my arms just be and stretched as needed. After the launch of the Medi Wings I bought a set. I am an acupuncturist and use them in my sessions I find them very useful because we needle a lot on the arms around the writs and hands. I always found the width of the table too small because if the patient is holding their arms to stay comfortable, the QI cannot flow properly and therefor the treatment cannot be 100% effective as it should be when the body is totally relaxed." (Isabelle - Licensed acupuncturist - Ireland)

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