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Love Is the Essence of the Soul Chrysalis - Book by Pina Lazara (English Version) - PDF Version

ISBN: 9780953763047
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Drawing upon my experience as a facilitator for healing since 1998, I use personal examples varied with channeled messages, allegorical stories, drawings and testimonials to reveal how I became a spiritual healer, what it is like to be a channel for angels and spirit guides, and the transforming process one must go through to become their own healer.
My story could be your story and your story could be mine.

It is also for those who want to re-discover what they are truly made of: LOVE.
The answer is not in the writing but in the resonance of the words that may awaken your dormant warrior spirit. I have learned through my healing work that reaching out in a loving simple way brings about miracles. The story is also about why and how I came to Ireland. This book can help the reader find the healer within.


Thank You, Pina

Amazon Prime review by Sarah Fitz

"Through sharing her journey with us Pina also brings to life many teachings in an easily accessible read. Whether you are on your own journey or struggling to watch someone you love on theirs this book can offer comfort, guidance and support. While some books of this type can be quite heavy and difficult to read this is an engaging read and manages to remain light without being clinical no matter the subject. I am only disappointed that Amazon UK do not yet seem to have the facility to gift a specific kindle book as I would send a copy of this to everyone I know."

This review is from: Love is the Essence of the Soul Chrysalis

"Whilst moving through a very difficult phase of my own journey, I have found great healing in these pages. A thought provoking read, and a few very wise answers to questions I was sparring with. The honesty of the journey. The compassion and respect shown towards the lessons engaged. I feel inspired by this wise souls journey. Certainly a book I will be keeping near so as to reflect some more on its contents. Highly recommended..."
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