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"One thing that we know for certain, a client wants to feel comfortable while laying on a treatment table. There is no need for a larger table when you can use Medi Wings"


Pina Lazara

Why Medi-Wings by APinna?


Many invaluable inventions have found their way into our lives, making things that bit easier, that bit safer, that bit more comfortable. In many cases these inventions have adapted effortlessly into our daily routine; it is as though they've always been with us. In fact how often have we heard it said, "What an earth did I do before" or "I couldn't imagine life without." We might even wonder why we hadn't thought of it ourselves! Medi Wings by APinna is just such an invention. A brilliant piece of ergonomic design and engineering made of a light-weight, easy to clean, medically approved polymer. This unique product was conceived, tested and manufactured in Ireland, it's made in Limerick and is the brainchild of Philippina Lazara who worked for years on the prototype. Tinkering away at the shape, the material, the padding, even the weight and colour to bring this inspired concept up to her exact standards.


For Whom?


As a practitioner or as a client you will equally find that it is the newly developed accessory that you want for your treatments. For beauticians in the wellness, beauty and spa sector the added appeal of this invention is that this portable unattached support for the massage table is light enough to be carried in an accompanying cotton bag. The brilliance of the Medi-Wings is the innovative principle of counter balance allowing the therapist freedom to position these unattached arm supports. All you need to do is wedge the Medi-Wing under the natural curve of the clients back close to the kidney area allowing the client to find their own optimum point of comfort.


“'They're so simple yet so effective.” 


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