Why APinna?

Many invaluable inventions have found their way into our lives, making things that bit easier, that bit safer, that bit more comfortable. In many cases these inventions have adapted effortlessly into our daily routine; it is as though they've always been with us. In fact how often have we heard it said, "What an earth did I do before" or "I couldn't imagine life without." We might even wonder why we hadn't thought of it ourselves! APinna is just such an invention. A brilliant piece of ergonomic design and engineering made of a light-weight, easy to clean, medically approved polymer. This unique product was conceived, tested and manufactured here in Ireland, it's made in Limerick and is the brainchild of Philippina Lazara who worked for years on the prototype. Tinkering away at the shape, the material, the padding, even the weight and colour to bring this inspired concept up to her exacting standards.

For Whom?

As a practitioner or as a client you will equally find that it is the newly developed accessory APinna that you want for your treatments. It can be used by conventional, complementary, or holistic practitioners, and in beauty salons or medical settings.

What do our customers have to say?

  • Feeling very relaxed and at peace during a treatment from Pina with the APinna set. Not only could I feel their support for my arms but also at my lower back.
    The moment she took them away at the end of the session I could feel my back tense up and shoulders going up straight.
  • I purchased my APinna for my personal use during my sacral cranial sessions. It has made such a difference to the treatment as I can feel my shoulders open up when using my "wings", and the session has been much more beneficial. It also enables you to move your arms and shoulders as you wish, with no disturbance which is great  for this therapy. I forgot to bring them on my last visit , and both myself and the therapist noticed the difference, my shoulders did not relax and heal as well as they do with the APinna. Can wholeheartedly recommend!
    JW, UK
  • APinna is a product which I have recently started using in my Clinic. It is used to ensure the patient is comfortable and relaxed on the treatment couch. It also supports a persons arms so there is less pressure on the shoulder joint. I would highly recommend this product to any other therapist, your patients will love it!
    Sarah O'Mahoney
    Irish Charted Physiotherapist 
  • Every salon is going to want a set of these. Best things ever.
    Beauty Consultant, Dublin
  • APinna allows me flexibility in positioning clients for creative treatment sessions.
    Massage Therapist
  • It felt natural to leave the arms resting on the APinna compared to arms being crossed or by the side. There was a feeling of relaxed openness with my arms in this position, it also made work on the hands and the arms more accessible to Pina.
    Male Client
  • APinna looks like wings. You've just made it a whole lot easier to be an angel.
    Female Client
  • As a supplier of therapy tables, I am very happy to endorse this lovely and practical product to all therapists who genuinely care about their clients' welfare and comfort. This is a must add product for the healing industry and all true therapists!
  • The armrests allowed my shoulders to rotate outwards while my arms were supported. This allowed me to instantly relax deeply, while feeling like my body floating and fully supported.
    Holistic Therapist
  • The APinna arm paddles really are a fantastic creation. They allow you to fully relax your whole body to get the maximum benefit from your session as your arms are in such a comfortable position throughout regardless of what movements your body may be making.
    One of Pina's clients
  • APinna is addressing a real concern and safety issue I had with a patient falling asleep while the acupuncture needles were in place and I left the room. If a limb fell off the table and it would wake the patient in an undesirable way and possibly lead to a bruise at the needle site. My patients are happy with the APinna support system, it feels natural & unobtrusive.
    Nicole Masters
    Licensed Acupuncturist. San Francisco, USA .
  • Have been using the APinna set for a few weeks now, so far I am very pleased. They take a little getting used to but well worth the effort. Really helpful for larger bodies!
    Massage Therapist Dublin
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Transforming a virtual force to
the spiritual level

One thing that we know for certain, a client wants to feel comfortable while laying on a treatment table. There is no need for a larger table when you can use APinna!

Experience how it enhances relaxation. APinna is what you and many of your customers have been missing all of these years
Buy one and try for yourself!

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